This LEGO Recreation Restages the Alien Chestburster Scene

 - Feb 25, 2014
References: youtube & mightymega
YouTuber Bricktease recently released a shot for shot LEGO recreation remaking the famous chestburster scene from the sci-fi horror movie Alien with the toy brick figurines and sets. The video depicts the infamously terrifying scenes in Alien when an alien slug-like creature literally exploded out of John Hurt’s chest. The scene remains one of the most iconic in the franchise’s history.

This LEGO recreation video is a fun and eerily accurate tribute to a fan favorite horror movie and and iconic toy franchise. The LEGO figurines are excellently designed and modeled to match the uniforms and hairstyles of each character, including Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley, the iconic heroine of the franchise. This tribute video will be enjoyed by both fans of Alien and fans of LEGO.