Matt De Lanoy Creates an Impressively Detailed LEGO Springfield

 - Aug 5, 2014
References: flickr & psfk
'The Simpsons' has been given the proper toy treatment with this LEGO Springfield diorama. Blowing the official building block set out of the water, it is full of painstaking details that involve the recreation of the local Kwik-E-Mart, Moe’s Tavern and even the nuclear power plant where Homer works.

The LEGO Springfield diorama was built by Master LEGO builder Matt De Lanoy. Not only does the miniature town boast all of the buildings from the iconic cartoon, there are also interior details for some of them. Psfk points out, "One scene shows Homer sat at his control station in the nuclear power plant, where a man in a radiation suit is shocked to find a puddle of radioactive goo on the floor."