This Lego X-Mansion is a Great Superhero Abode

 - Feb 13, 2014
References: lego.cuusoo & mightymega
A LEGO Fan has created a LEGO X-Mansion version of the famous home base house for the comic book series X-MEN. If this design, seen on the LEGO CUUSO website, gets 10,000 votes or more than it will be considered for actual production.

The LEGO X-Mansion comes with several rooms, including Beast's science laboratory, Professor Xavier's office,the Cerebro room and the Danger room where the team trains for battle. All of the iconic places and characters seen in the mansion are present. This elaborate tribute to one of Marvel's most popular comic book superhero teams is thorough and remarkably detailed. It would make a fun set for children to play with and would also make a great collectible set for adult fans of the X-MEN.