LEGO Will Imagines What Mad Max LEGO Vehicles Would Look Like

 - Jun 3, 2015
References: flickr & coolmaterial
Since the release of the heavily celebrated 'Mad Max: Fury Road,' a renewed interest has been sparked towards the classic post-apocalyptic film franchise and it has even inspired one skilled builder to construct his very own set of Mad Max LEGO vehicles.

LEGO builder Will recreated a number of the iconic vehicles from the films that he posted to his Flickr account. Included are Max's original black Interceptor from the movie, The Road Warrior and more recent examples from Fury Road are also on display as well, such as The Gigahorse, The Princess and The Earsplitter. LEGO Will has even included his own take on the flame-spewing, double guitar-wielding Doof Warrior character that has taken the Internet by storm since Fury Road's release.

Sadly LEGO hasn't announced any official Mad Max LEGO sets, but as these examples show, anything is possible with a little imagination.