Artist Tisha Cherry Turns Popular Packaged Foods into Works of Art

 - Jun 11, 2014
References: web.stagram & foodiggity
Artist Tisha Cherry cleverly pays tribute to popular pop culture references and iconic landscapes using sought-after foods. Cherry uses Oreo cookies, grapes and even soup to recreate famous faces and recognizable scenes entirely from food.

In her food portraits, Cherry creatively sculpts and molds food into works of recognizable art. Cherry's pieces turn everyday basic food items into palette amusing works of art by reconstituting the food's aesthetic look. For example, Cherry's piece called 'The Great Wave' features a split Oreo cookie. On one side is the basic chocolate cookie while the other half of the cookie features the delicious vanilla cream sculpted into a dramatic ocean wave. Another one of Cherry's pieces features a portrait of the iconic artist Bob Marley made from a hearty bowl of vegetable soup.