From Cocktail Face Masks to Citrus Gardening Scrubs

 - Sep 4, 2014
For those who like to put a little effort into taking care of their complexion, these all-natural skincare scrubs are a great way to remove dirt, excess oil and built up dead skin cells to keep your face looking super fresh.

Whether you purchase a pre-made scrub from a store or make one yourself at home, the concept is all the same. The idea is that a scrub has some sort of abrasive component to it -- like sand, sugar or beads -- that will exfoliate your skin. The gentle scrub will help to maintain your skin's complexion as well as prevent breakouts and excess oil build-up. There are tons of scrubs to choose from depending on what your skin type is and what kind of scents and fragrances you like. From cocktail face masks to fall pumpkin facial treatments, check out these face scrubs to get your skin in shape for the autumn season.