The Dirty Girl Soap Has a Prize in Its Center

Dirty Girl Soap has an interesting collection of entirely vegan soap bars for the hair, face and body.

Each bar is decorated with a phrase or picture on the front, and there is plenty of variety, so you can find the bar that really resonates with you. For instance, all the nasty gals out there can now own a bar with the word 'Dirty' (ironically) emblazoned on the front, because sometimes you have to "get clean by getting dirty." Meanwhile, all you self-identified sl*ts, can now "wash your mouth out with the sl*ttiest soap on the market." Finally, you can "exfoliate your inner b*tch" with the 'B*tch' bar.

Every "dirty girl" is encouraged to wash up because at the center of each bar is a tattoo choker. Better start scrubbing if you want the cute accessory!