- Feb 2, 2015
These examples of engaging household packaging range from toy-inspired tissue boxes to social good branding that illustrates the difference between unfair and fair trade. When they aren't promoting smartphone and web interactions, these packaging examples are sending a social or environmental message to consumers.

Standouts from this engaging household packaging list include two Kleenex-related examples. The tissue brand is known for its interactive marketing campaigns and anniversary collaboration collections. The company's recent collaboration with fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi encouraged stylish consumers to match their tissue box to their outfit and featured custom box designs that were inspired by the creator's clothes.

Moreover, the brand has inspired countless packaging concepts like Lindsey Poulos' kid-friendly tissue box that is modeled after monsters. When used up, the tissue box transforms into a cardboard toy that your little one will love.

Another favorite from this list is Bounty Paper Towels' QR code campaign that connects consumers with stories from the Wounded Warriors project while encouraging them to donate to the WWP via their website and Facebook page.

From Toy-Inspired Tissue Boxes to Social Good Branding: