This Range of Reusable Diapers is Packaged Sustainability

 - Jan 29, 2015
References: meghanbacso &
Meghan Bacso, a design student with a focus on typography, packaging and interactive design, recently developed the concept for Ecobottoms, a range of reusable diaper products.

The cloth diapers serve as a sustainable option for parents who wish to minimize their environmental impact. Packaged in a set of identical cardboard boxes, each type of reusable diaper product (diapers, diaper liners and cotton wipes) are differentiated with colored labels.

The Ecobottoms packaging adds another layer of sustainability to the already eco-friendly product, because each box can be given a second life as a building block. Suitable for both decorative uses and child's play, the building block packaging encourages customer loyalty, as consumers will continue purchasing to expand their block collection.