- Apr 27, 2015
As most mothers will be able to tell you, a sick newborn is particularly heartbreaking because the baby can't communicate what's wrong -- something technology and infant health monitors are trying to help with. These products, devices and apps are all designed to help parents and health care professionals track, maintain or aid the health of babies.

Some infant health monitors are developed with a specific or common ailment in mind, like jaundice or colic. When it comes to jaundice treatment, affordable machinery and incubators make a big difference all over the world, while smartphone apps can help you diagnose it to begin with.

Temperature measurement is another area of opportunity, from smart thermometer patches to fever-telling onesies.

Other innovations focus more broadly on the baby's health in general, in the form of smartly sensored diapers or tech-embedded socks.

From Baby-Analyzing Diapers to Adorable Temperature-Measuring Devices: