University of Washington's App Instantly Checks for Newborn Jaundice

 - Aug 28, 2014
References: & engadget
The University of Washington is experimenting with an app that is able to detect cases of newborn jaundice in just a matter of moments. When a newborn isn't properly eliminating the bilirubin chemical, jaundice becomes very apparent by turning the skin a yellow color. Since it's easy enough to spot by eye, this app makes use of a camera's lens to give a definitive answer on whether a baby has jaundice or not.

The app works alongside a color calibration card, to gauge the room's lighting conditions and the baby's skin tone. From there, it's as simple as snapping a photo of the newborn and uploading the photo to the cloud for assessment. Immediately, an algorithm gets to work to determine if a child does indeed have jaundice, which should help to ease the minds of new parents.