From Wearable Pregnancy Monitors to Eco-Friendly Pregnancy Tests

 - Nov 19, 2015
These pregnancy lifestyle innovations show how the stages of motherhood are evolving to become easier and more enjoyable for expectant mothers, as well as their partners and families.

Many women are using to technology as an aid in getting pregnant. For instance, apps like Kindara and Ruby make it possible for women to track fertility, ovulation and intimacy. Once the early stages of pregnancy have been detected, wearables specifically for expectant mothers are becoming popular for connecting with a growing child, as well as monitoring both a mother and baby's health. An update to the Apple Watch recently introduced a feature that allows mothers to monitor pregnancy through the Sense4Baby app, indicating how powerful and useful this technology has become for health alone.

Outside of physical wellness, expectant women are being looked after through a number of kits and subscription services. While Le Tote now offers unlimited maternity clothing rentals, Mommy Mailbox provides a blogger-curated selection of treats for mothers each month.