The Popsicle Baby Thermometer Boasts an Intuitive Design

 - Mar 21, 2014
References: yankodesign
The Popsicle Baby Thermometer is a clever design that doesn't require parents to resort to tricky tactics to get their toddler to put it in their mouth. Its playful shape, which unfortunately has no other popsicle-like attributes, invites little ones to lick and suck it without any strenuous coaxing. This is a blessing in disguise especially if they are sick.

Designed by Hsing Min and Xia Lou, the Popsicle Baby Thermometer boasts an intuitive form that children will pick up on immediately. Just like a popsicle, it has a handle that is easy for them to grip and a larger body that is meant to be placed in and around the mouth. When the temperature is normal, the Popsicle Baby Thermometer lights up blue, but when it isn't, it lights up red.