- May 21, 2015
These new dad product innovations range from diaper duty survival kits to expectant father apps that make the lives of newbie parents easier. Becoming a first-time father can be a daunting and intimidating feat but these new dad products are designed to make this transition smoother and much more convenient.

Standouts include manly diaper bags and baby carriers that break common fatherhood strereotypes. These products range from denim baby slings to carriers that are inspired by a traditional tool storage accessory. Other favorites include mobile apps that enhance a new dad's level of infant-related knowledge and platforms that offer a diverse range of quick and nutritious baby food recipes.

Other new dad products from this list include car-inspired and athlete-approved strollers and sophisticated baby satchels that cater to a masculine demographic.

From Diaper Duty Tool Kits to Expectant Father Apps: