Pure Spray Bottle Reduces Waste in Production and Continued Use

 - Mar 7, 2014
References: red-dot.sg & yankodesign
The Pure Spray Bottle looks far too well designed to be your mundane disposable detergent container, yet this concept is intended to deliberately compete with such products. Its elegant and sculptural form is smooth, clean and white, and the extra care that was put into its appearance is worth it, since it would be expected that you use and reuse it again.

Designed for Ziba Munich by Manuel Perez Prada, the Pure Spray Bottle has a small footprint and a slick shape that make it suitable to leave on your countertop. You buy one squirter once and purchase dissolvable soap capsules to refill the container each time, mixing it with tap water. Recycled materials and few moving parts make for economical production of the spritzer. Far from simple, the Pure cleaner has three nozzle setters inspired by the aperture of a camera.