From Fruity Makeup Bottles to Eggcentric Organic Lipgloss

 - Aug 3, 2014
Offering an alternative approach to the typically suave and sophisticated cosmetic packages, these playful cosmetic designs showcase a more lighthearted approach to beauty.

Not taking itself too seriously, these branding designs incorporate flamboyant colors, youthful imagery and eccentric patterns to create a more engaging overall aesthetic. Referencing things such as children's toys, sports activities and even popular musical acts, these playful cosmetic designs are helping to make typically cold and stuffy brand name products more approachable to consumers. From chubby insect cosmetic branding to football-inspired makeup packages, these playful branding techniques are a great way to visually revamp traditional consumer goods.

Sure to attract a more youthful audience, these enticing cosmetic examples are showcasing how a little fun and laid-back imagery can instantly make a product more relatable.