South-Korean Pop Stars Put a Scent on Dreamy Girls

 - May 8, 2013
How would you like to smell like your favorite boy band member’s ideal girl? South-Korean cosmetic brand Etude House takes the scent industry to next-level with its 'Be My Princess' perfume collection.

Each of the five members of hit boy band 'SHINee' were personally interviewed to draw out and elaborate on his idea of the "perfect girlfriend". The result? Great imagery in the form of five colorful bottles named: Ms. Jealous, Ms. Sunshine, Ms. Bloom, Ms. Holic and Ms. Bling. These harajuku-esque sprays are sold at roughly $15 each.

Collaborating with a boy band with a grotesque fan base is a clever move; especially in Asia where k-pop culture prevails. The concept of smelling like your favorite boy’s desire couldn’t get any more subtle.