Delicate Detergent Packaging Celebrates Feminine Mystique for Merchandizing

 - Mar 29, 2012
References: elizabethhaywood & thedieline
There are countless ways to decorate a product, and each will succeed to seduce a different demographic. Where the minimalist look of cleanliness and purity sells well to middle-aged women, Delicate Detergent packaging uses a more playful visual technique to attract a younger consumer base.

Designer Elizabeth Haywood has conceived a line of bottles that look as though they might contain beauty products like makeup or shampoo. In fact, the contents are scented laundry soaps. Hers is a particularly intriguing approach because generally this domestic product is merchandized rather ambiguously so not to repel any buyer, while failing to really engage anyone. Delicate Detergent packaging features whimsical illustrations of women and mythical creatures, stylized to express the enchanting characteristics of females and intended to hone in on a much more targeted market of young adult and adolescent girls.