From Biodegradable Nail Polish to Purist Skin Care Essentials

 - Aug 15, 2014
Whether you're against animal testing or serious about where your skincare products come from, these eco-friendly cosmetics are set to change the way you look at traditional drugstore brands.

Knowing the ingredients of your skin care and makeup products is crucial to longterm health and these eco-friendly cosmetics ensure your beauty regimen is infused with pure and organic products.

From purist skincare lines that are targeted toward a male consumer to nail varnishes that are biodegradable and chemical free, this list of beauty essentials encourages one to go organic.

A standout from this list includes Lush's range of moisturizing shower smoothies that are available in five fresh flavors. The body washes are rich and wonderfully scented but best of all, they are 100% natural.