Aura Health & Wellbeing Packaging Bridges East and West

 - Sep 2, 2011
References: burgopak & packagingoftheworld
There is a bit of a design dilemma involved when marketing an Eastern product for a Western consumer base, so it's compelling to see just how Aura Health & Wellbeing packaging took on the task. Considering the selection of clean yet colorful bottles and boxes, one may not immediately be able to decide if they look more British or more Chinese.

A crisp white minimalism defines the base of the branding's aesthetic, but the few details added are distinctly Asian in appearance. The logo is a tripartite tea leaf abstraction, repeated in the intricate folding of the cardboard parcels. There is a subtle organic quality to the simple execution of the Aura Health & Wellbeing packaging that makes each cosmetic and nutritional item look pure and natural.