MeSoap Provides Supplies and Funds Sanitation Initiatives

 - Jun 5, 2012
MeSoap is an innovative social enterprise that slightly tweaks the "one-for-one" model in order to better provide for the developing communities they support. Statistics show that the mortality rate decreases two-fold when soap and clean water are used for handwashing, and according to the MeSoap website, that data inspired the creation of the social enterprise in the first place.

MeSoap is partnered with Living Water International, an established non-profit with expertise in sanitation solutions and water hygiene programs in developing countries. MeSoap's relationship with Living Water International ensures an appropriate and sustainable method of giving, a key aspect of the socially conscious brand's mission.

Instead of donating exactly one bar of soap for every bar they sell, MeSoap donates the equivalent dollar amount to Living Water International to be put toward the funding of educational programs, sanitation initiatives and hygiene supplies, including, of course, soap.

MeSoap can be purchased in a handful of stores listed on their website and several online stores, including, Pure Citizen and on their Facebook page.

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