Myrtle and Moss Products are Swathed in Earthy Elegance

 - Nov 27, 2011
References: ennisperry & thedieline
The luxury botanical skin care range Myrtle and Moss was recently outfitted with quietly elegant and serene packaging created by the good people at Ennis Perry Creative. The delicate illustrations that adorn the bottles hint at the elixirs’ all natural ingredients. The earthy appearance of these products creates a sense of security for those wary of chemicals or with severe allergies. From a simple look at the bottle you get the impression that Myrtle and Moss products are very connected to the natural world.

Punctuated with a soft sophistication and a punch of quirkiness, these bottles will be most at home in any bathroom outfitted with a posh decor. The pump bottles are fixed with an ornate tag fixed with a laid-back knotted rustic twine, further exemplifying the natural properties of this product. Ennis Perry Creative have crafted packaging that captures the ease and beauty of the natural world enhancing the connection of Myrtle and Moss products with homeopathic ingredients cultivated in nature.

Quiet, refined and serene, Myrtle and Moss skin care packaging is as soothing as its contents.