Greg Lauren Cologne Packaging Bears the Messy Mark of its Maker

 - Oct 14, 2013
References: greglauren & thedieline
At department stores, you'll typically see lineups of pristinely designed perfume bottles that exude masculinity or femininity through elegant forms and sophisticated text. Anything like Greg Lauren Cologne packaging is something that you would probably not expect to find. These new fragrances have been launched by an artist, so he naturally wanted their vessels to bear his unique mark.

Modeled on the jars and containers that can be found around the studio, these perfume bottles have been splashed with paint, smudged with ink and completely scuffed up. They have been labeled like the assorted vials of the artist, with strips of masking tape that here feature his signature. The best part about Greg Lauren Cologne packaging is that each bottle has been decorated by the man himself.