This Conceptual Fragranced Facial Tissue Engages Consumers' Senses

 - Feb 3, 2015
This tissue box packaging is designed to help consumers further interact with the product by introducing a smell component. The imaginary Anaroma scented tissue box packaging was created as a group project for Kleenex. Based in Toronto, Daniela Zelenjakovic and co. gave the product a new name and smell intended for use all year round, in every season. The line of scented facial tissue comes in four fragrances: coconut breeze, blushing peach, sweet mint and pumpkin spice. The concept is also supposed to be eco-conscious and would be, therefore, recyclable.

In addition to the boxes, the student team also designed a consumer ad you can scratch and sniff. There are also sample website pages displaying potential promotional content where customers can enter travel-based contests featuring destinations inspired by the various Anaroma scents.