From Siamese Beverage Sleeves to Accordion Eco Packaging

 - Mar 29, 2015
Sustainability and multi-functionality merge together in the top March 2015 branding trends.

In terms of packaging, consumers are looking for items that can be reused. Packaging that doubles as home decor is a prime example; not only does it have more than one use, it's also eco-friendly because of its longer lifespan. On that note, brands are also opting for greater transparency, clearly and openly advertising their sustainable practices, as well as the nutritional value of their products (if edible), on its packaging.The modern-day consumer is more health-conscious and socially aware than ever before; brands understand that the closer they identify with these core systems of belief, the better reception they will receive from consumers.

Ultimately, the top March 2015 branding trends aim to connect with consumers on the issues they are most passionate about.