MOSOOM's Grain Packaging Appeals to Households of One

 - Feb 16, 2015
References: & packagingoftheworld
MOSOOM's grain packaging design was developed to satisfy single people who lead busy lives, but are also concerned about their health when it comes to meals that are quick and easy to prepare. Finding that the widely available convenience store food just didn't cut it, MOSOOM developed these fresh rice jars in order to provide a practical form that could be labelled with nutritional information that is scarcely found on ready-made meals.

MOSOOM offers two rice types, including polished and unpolished grains. Each Sunday, people are able to put in an order of rice to a farmer and have it delivered to them the following day. As well as providing practical portions for a family of one, the glass packaging can be recycled, reused or upcycled to cut down on waste.