Catch the Touch's Bedding Package is Sealed for Freshness

 - Feb 9, 2015
References: depotwpf & thedieline
A bedding package rarely has a design that makes you look twice, but this one from Catch the Touch is an exception. Inspired by the way food is sealed tightly for freshness, this line of bedding is packaged in the same manner.

As Depot WPF's designers describe: "Vacuum packaging is usually associated with such products as cold cuts (meat, fish, etc.). We proposed to emphasize its appearance and aesthetic qualities." In addition to being vacuum-sealed, the bedding sheets are paired with blocks of text made from cardboard to evoke a particular mood or feeling. Although the packaging seems to be more playful than suggestive in terms of looks, the tactile experience puts an emphasis on moments that are sensuous and intriguing.