Hourglass Cereal Packaging Communicates a Slimming Effect for Consumers

 - Feb 2, 2015
References: behance.net & packagingoftheworld
The consumer is certainly not left wondering if this hourglass cereal packaging contains diet-friendly food, for the very shape of the sachet appears to have a cinched waist. Student designer Arthur Lebsack took up the task of creating a breakfast branding strategy for 30-year-old women with children, coming up with an idea that taps into a common issue.

Young mothers are so busy with their little ones that they often don't have time to make good quality meals. Consequently, they turn to unhealthy fast food options that keep their baby weight on. The concept of these Diet Set Instant Cereal packets is single-serving morning meals that require just milk or water poured in. They can be taken to work or gobbled up on the go, feeding a health-conscious woman's peace of mind that she will have a slim middle – both through the packaging and the recipe.