The Hershey's Miniatures Rebrand Saves 2,000 Trees Per Year

 - Jan 29, 2015
References: hersheys & thedieline
If you've wondering about the effectiveness of sustainable repackaging strategies, take note on the statistics for this initiative. Hershey's Miniatures underwent a bit of a makeover, modifying the look of the bag and the individual labels, but the effort to minimize the material in the wrappers is the silent big success here.

If you were to compare the appearances of the old and new chocolate bar designs, you wouldn't be able to tell that 0.05 grams of weight has been shed from each set of foil and paper coverings. It really doesn't sound like much, but an annual extrapolation of the plant's consumption will shed light on impressive results. You could fill nearly a dozen tractor trailers with the amount of material saved, equaling about 271,800 pounds in total. The power conserved in processing is cut down markedly, making this scheme a successful eco-friendly example for other companies to repeat.