Justin Poulsen's USB Key Product is Inspired by His Conceptual Art

 - Feb 24, 2015
References: packagingoftheworld
Justin Poulsen's USB Key may make a few people squirm but is a clever way to show off the conceptual photographer's body of work. While the product seems gory at first glace, the concept behind it is to network and engage with potential clients in a way that is memorable.

In addition to his work as a conceptual photographer, Justin Poulsen also specializes in prop building and used his USB thumb drives as a way to convey the creative field he is an expert in. Using his own finger as his mold, the photographer created severed USB flashdrives that he later photographed and loaded with his portfolio.

This branding tactic doesn't only leave a memorable impression on potential clients but also illustrates the photographer's skills as a prop builder.