This Fun Sticker Box Design Features an Excited Easter Bunny

 - Feb 19, 2015
The bunny on this fun sticker box design is reflective of the amount of joy kids take in stickers and the celebration of Easter. The box includes a bunny rabbit with a cutout smile, giving a peek at some of the available stickers on the lengthy 3' roll inside. Created by designer Rachel Pioch for Target, this diecut box features parts that stick out like elements of a pop-up book. The parts that pop out of the box like the bunny's ears and arms are cleverly arranged so that boxes can still be stacked side-by-side and atop one another, which is crucial for merchandising.

Designs created also include a charming frog, but it's also easy to imagine this line could be extended for a whole cast of springtime characters like chickens and lambs.