This Cardboard Box Design Can Ship Contents of Various Volumes

 - Feb 11, 2015
This accordion eco packaging concept makes the most of the beauty of the cardboard box: a vessel that's lightweight, reasonably durable, recyclable and often even reused in its assembled form. A team of designers from the Hangzhou CraftNeo Industrial Design Company have developed a technique of pleating the robust, corrugated material, giving it greater strength––but adaptability, most of all.

The WW Package won an Honorable Mention within the 2014 Red Dot Design Awards for its wonderfully versatile composition. Just one size of container could hold a variety of objects of various shapes, quantities and dimensions, and this accordion eco packaging would simply expand or contract to accommodate. The fan-like folds can be spread out or tightened for its second or third storage or shipping use, with bracing bands included to keep its a flexible shape secured.