Hybrid Crayon Candles are Tucked into Slots and Folds a an Eco Container

 - Jan 29, 2015
References: packaginguqam.blogspot
A point that this plaited paper packaging idea underlines is that we can think beyond the default boxes and bags to hold products. Emanuel Cohen has crafted up a single piece of thick card paper that effectively serves as a holder for a little collection of crayons. Between short 90-degree folds and alternating slots, the contents remain firmly in place for display in stores and for taking them home.

The nature of the items inside of this open accordion carton are fully consumable. On one end, these behave as birthday candles with wicks; on the other, they function as coloring utensils. Once the user has drawn away the tips and melted down the handles, there’s no longer a need for this carrier. The plaited paper packaging can be flattened and recycled easily, having never amounted to much material in the first place.