From Glorious Geek-Infused Sweaters to Mythical Steed Caffeine Holders

 - Dec 1, 2015
If you want to show someone in your life just how magical your relationship is, these gifts for unicorn lovers are an excellent place to start. Perfect for the holiday season, these varied unicorn products can be used anywhere from the office to the kitchen and even an eclectic wardrobe.

When it comes to the kitchen cupboard, unicorn lovers can enjoy anything from cereal bowls to canned mythical meats for the pantry. Mugs, wine openers and mystical gin liqueurs are another way to show your reverence for the magical animal.

Ideal for work colleagues, there are several stationery items that are shaped like unicorns including writing tools, tape dispensers and a colorful crayon collection.

When it comes to clothing, a variety of footwear is available plus graphic sweatshirts.