The 'Unicorn Tag' Shirt Humorously Explains Why Unicorns Don't Play Games

 - May 13, 2014
References: shirt.woot & fashionablygeek
Quirky T-shirt brand Shirt Woot created these hilarious unicorn tag shirts to explain why these mystical horse creatures aren't very good at playing the infamous kid game, tag.

Maybe you've wondered if unicorns can play tag, maybe you haven't. Either way, Shirt Woot has the ideal explanation for you as to why unicorns are not physically built to run around and play a game of tag. The comical cartoon T-shirt features two unicorns, one older and one a pony, trying to engage in a game of tag. The baby unicorn has tried to tag the older unicorn as it. In the process, the baby unicorn has by accident stabbed the older unicron with its magical horn. As the older unicorn sheds a tear in pain, the baby unicorn has yet to notice the bloody mess it has made as it screams "Tag! You're it!"