This Extremely Sweet Mixed Cereals Cocktail Looks Like Unicorn Poop

 - Oct 23, 2015
References: buzzfeed
This combination of mixed cereals was inspired by a whimsical and mythical animal. Dubbed 'Unicorn Poop,' this colorful cereal cocktail recipe is by Alan and Gary Keery from the 'Cereal Killer Cafe Cookbook' and featured on BuzzFeed.

Best enjoyed with a soup spoon (for the optimal milk to cereal ratio) in comfy clothing (such as an adult-sized onesie), this super sweet cereal concoction contains Ricicles, broken party rings, mini marshmallows, Marshmallow Fluff, lots and lots of sprinkles and semi-skimmed milk. If you have a serious sweet tooth, you can also make the mixed cereals sweeter by substituting strawberry milk instead.

It is very important to use the freshest of sugary breakfast cereals for this dish, as stale bits will completely ruin everything.