These Technicolor Ninja Style Firearms are Out of This World

 - Jul 17, 2014
References: technabob
If you want to fight crime in style these rainbow ninja swords are definitely the way to do it. While these swords aren't exactly as stealth as most ninjas hope to be, they sure are fun to play with.

Think Geek designed these Blades of the Rainbow Ninja swords for children to own. According to Think Geek these technicolor blades are "... perfect for Unicorn Ninjas" which I imagine to be a crime-fighting ninja with the head of a magical unicorn. Each set comes with two swords that both feature a chromatic rainbow blade. The blades creatively look holographic as they shine in a variety of pink, purple, green, yellow and blue shades. Now you can pick up a pair of these rainbow blades and kick some butt just like Unicorn Ninjas do.