From Superhero Dog Art to Heroic Childhood Portraits

 - Aug 25, 2015
These superhero artworks pay tribute to nostalgic and modernized pop culture comic book characters. From Disney princess superheroes to comic currency art, there are numerous ways that artists have re-invented society's beloved masked heroes.

While superhero movies continue to reign in popularity, these superhero artworks also prove to be popular across many age groups. There are even nursery room decorations that are meant to bring a heroic theme into a newborn's bedroom.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of superheroes, these pieces of art are a great way for graphic designers and illustrators to gain recognition while showcasing their creativity. For example, an artist called 'The Monk' designed a collection of digitally-created human hearts that mimic superheroes. Society's love for pop culture brings a new and visually appealing aspect to both DC and Marvel characters alike.