Brett White Imagines Marvel's Men as Racily Depicted as Their Women

 - Sep 2, 2014
References: comicbookresources & designtaxi
After the controversial Spider-Woman cover was revealed last week, Bret White took it upon himself to create a series of sensualized male superheroes to provide some much needed perspective. Women are constantly treated as objects around the world, as the latest iCloud hacking crime attests to, and this is no more true for the comic book industry. Artist Milo Manara pushed the boundary even more than usual this time around and these sensualized male superheroes hopes to balance the inequality a bit.

From Captain America laying seductively out on a beach towel to Wolverine surrounded by hot alien women, these sensualized male superheroes shows them more as lovers than fighters. White writes, "Sexiness isn't inherently a bad thing (whether or not comics ostensibly aimed at an all-ages audience even need sexy covers is a whole other issue), it just needs to be an equal thing."