Using an Autographer, Mr Garcin Shows How He Makes a Comic Book Collage

 - Jul 16, 2014
References: londonfilmandcomiccon & youtube
The masked Mr Garcin is known for making iconic Marvel comic book collage covers and this awesome video captures a unique perspective of how his creations come together. Previously, Mr Garcin has created covers for renowned superheroes like Spider Man, Thor, Captain America and Iron Man.

The timelapse was shot with a wearable Autographer camera and a new mount from Autographer that helps get some good still shots from above the work desk. In just about two minutes, it's amazing to see the comic collage go from a blank canvas to a vibrant display of dynamic words and colors.

Some of Mr Garcin's artworks have been compiled as a tribute to Stan Lee and at the 2014 Comic Con in London, Mr Garcin can be found signing his work for fans.