The Mythology Series by Alex Ross Uses Bright Bits of Color

 - Apr 8, 2014
References: alexrossart & kultstudio
Alex Ross takes classic superheroes and paints them with a vibrant flair of color.

With superhero art being so popular, Alex Ross is able to establish himself by adding flares of light off of each characters signature item. From the 'Green Lantern' and his ring to the 'Joker' and his trick flower, each painting has eye catching appeal. Alex Ross truly captures the feel of each of these characters in his 'Mythology' superhero collection.

Superheroes are a stable in the childhood of many people. These pieces of art are an excellent way to recapture that childhood love. You will be able to have Batman protecting you in your bedroom or if you are more of a villainous side you can hang the devilish 'Joker' for everyone to see when they are visiting you.