This Artist Created Eeire Superhero Characters on Money-Hungry Tirades

 - Jul 23, 2015
References: designtaxi
Kansas City-based illustrator and toy designer Jeremy Madl designed these eerie superhero images that reveal skeletal faces. The images represent the fame-driven and money-hungry superheroes of today.

This artist believes that superheroes used to be cherished and honored, but with the glamorization of Hollywood these superheroes have turned dark. Madl seeks to display his opinion that superheroes of today are "motivated by profit rather than to inspire." This collection of work titled 'Modern Hero' is one artist's perspective of how Hollywood has changed the priorities of these once saint-like characters.

The vividly colored images present heroes such as The Hulk, Ironman, Captain America and Superman. Each reimagined hero shows a flesh-less face with hollow eyes. These eerie superhero images simply portray a different view of these masked men.