Andry Rajoelina Has Our Favorite Superheros with Their Families

French illustrator Andry Rajoelina had his nose deep in comic books as a child so it’s no surprise that as an adult he decided to reinvent his favorite characters into a family-friendly setting.

It all started with ‘Marvel Families and Justice Families,’ a series of illustrations following the lives of beloved Marvel and DC comic characters and their families. This collection of adorable art inspired Rajoelina to embark on his own comic illustrations and thus ‘Super Heroes Families’ by Andry Rajoelina was born.

The series of illustrations followed iconic comic book characters dropping their kids off at school before a long day of saving the world. Back at it again, Andry has updated the series and has added even more superheroes from both film and comic books.

This adorable work of art really lets us look deep into the fictional off duty life of superheros. Who knew John Smith from The A Team was such a family man?