Sébastien Livolsi's Plump Wonder Woman Embraces Her Curves

Sébastien Livolsi is a French sculptor who's latest Plump Wonder Woman statue is gaining attention for its unexpected and empowering design. The artist's heroic art piece rejects society's unrealistic beauty ideals and transforms the sultry superhero from svelte to curvy.

This Wonder Woman statue busts out at the seams of her figure-hugging outfit and celebrates the realistic body type that belongs to millions of women around the globe. The art piece is available in 3 limited versions that include a metal, resin or hand painted design and are sure to appeal to collectors and comic book fans.

In addition to his Plump Wonder Woman design, Sébastien Livolsi is working on another plump superhero, a curvy Catwoman that is sure to be equally as impressive.