Alexandria Law Draws Costumed Girls as Real Superheroes

 - Mar 3, 2014
References: bettersupes.tumblr & twentytwowords
Artist Alexandria Law has developed an interesting side project on her Tumblr account where she find pictures of cute, little girls dressed up as superheroes and then illustrates them.

Regardless if the girl is dressed in a costume of an actual superhero from comic books or a made up one of the kid's own imagination, Alexandria Law doesn't discriminate and will render these pint-sized heroes beautifully. Rather than simply illustrate the girls as is, Alexandria Law puts them in an action pose, and in some cases, goes as far as adding effects or having them fight crime.

Alexandria Law makes it clear that this is a passion project that comes after her other duties so she may not be able to update as often as she'd like. However, she's already built up an incredible catalog so check out her site to view the rest of her superhero kid gallery.