Alessandro Rabatti's Banknote Art Boasts Superhero Imagery

 - May 13, 2015
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Italian artist Alessandro Rabatti's currency art re-imagines famous political figures as familiar superheroes. His banknote masterpieces feature iconic faces like Abraham Lincoln, Mao and even Queen Elizabeth II. Inspired by the economy's fleeting state, Rabatti's series provides a social commentary on our world and its money woes.

While Queen Elizabeth channels Batman's nemesis The Joker on a British pound note, China's Mao channels superhero Iron Man. Though fun in its aesthetic, this currency art series is deeply political in its inspiration and comments on the economies of the world's superpowers.

While Britain's money features comic villain imagery, China's is adorned with favorable heroes. This choice of imagery is reflective of the nation's flourishing industries and overall success in the global retail market.