From Victorian-Styled English Gins to Royal Home Videos

 - Sep 4, 2015
On September 9th, 2015, Queen Elizabeth the II will officially be the longest-reining monarch in British history. Over the 63 years and 217 days of her longest-reigning tenure, Her Majesty the Queen has inspired quite the collection of odd items, bizarre parodies and out-there concepts.

Aside from the standard assortment of collectible coinage, die-hard royalty fans can brew their tea with miniature paper replicas of QEII, bake cookies in the shape of her profile and sip on gin or whiskey inspired by the royal family. Parody portraits of the Queen range from depictions of her as a cyborg to etchings of her done on egg shells. Halloween costumes, reality TV shows and magazine editorials are based on the royal family. And of course, the products they buy, wear and use become instant hits -- from opulent fascinators to extravagant baby prams.