Shopped Tattoos's Inked Celebrities Gallery is Shocking and Fun

Taking celebrities known to be mostly tattoo free, Shopped Tattoos gives them the ultimate makeover and turns them into heavily inked celebrities. So if you ever wondered what a certain celeb looked like with some ink, this Tumblr based online gallery just did you the biggest favor.

With tattoo culture taking on pretentious and hipster levels, Shopped Tattoos wanted to poke some fun by curating these Photoshopped images of inked celebrities.

Making sure they pick images that have a timeless appeal, Shopped Tattoos pick celebrities that are somewhat relevant to pop culture. Tattooing Marilyn Monroe, the Kennedys and Kate and Will from the Royal family do look a little weird. But some of the others one like Jack Nicholson, Edward Norton and John Lennon look authentic and aren't as shocking.