From Superimposed Butt Cartoons to Punk Princess Illustrations

 - Jan 11, 2015
The top 2014 pop culture trends included fairytale realism, nostalgia marketing and satirical social media.

Pop culture pandered to our longing for the past this year, incorporating childhood characters and old-time favorites in a modern context for our delight and amusement. Examples include Instagram accounts for our favorite Disney characters, or Disney Princesses that have been updated with some wearable art in the form of tattoos. Seeing two worlds collide -- the fairytale world of our childhood, and the Internet-saturated world of our present -- forms a curious hybrid that's instantly captivating.

Moreover, pop culture took the opportunity to poke a little fun at the expense of some of our biggest celebrities. We're less likely to revere stars today, and more likely to bring them onto our level with parodized social media accounts and profane Tumblrs.

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