Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces is a Refreshingly Humorous Tumblr

In a day and age where beauty is held to an impossible standard, Tumblr blogs such as Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces is absolutely refreshing and, arguably, necessary. Great for people's self-esteem while also encouraging women not to take themselves too seriously, it shows some seriously bad photos of very attractive women. Comprised of side-by-side comparisons, it is a cleverly comical concept that many women have indulged.

The Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces Tumblr also shows the worst way to take a photo. Most of the good-looking women follow a familiar formula: shooting upwards while making a quadruple chin and widening the eyes frighteningly. Yet there are some original gems that will have people rolling on the ground in no time. Funny and fun, this photo blog shows the power of the Internet.